Heyos is an advertising agency operating by ten years in the Internet market. Heyos is the right solution for each little webmaster who wants the advertising services provided on his websites, to be paid monthly, promptly and at a fixed price, independently from the fact that they are sold, at what price they are sold or the agreements we have with advertisers.

Contextual advertising technology, tooltips, pop-under, slides, are the tools we provide to advertisers and webmasters. Our statistical automation allows us offering 'fixed priced' or 'traffic related' marketing campaigns to our advertisers, keeping fixed the price agreed with each webmaster for the service they provide.

Publicize your business, your website and your products, in Heyos's network.
High levels of personalization will allow you to manage your investment and to achieve a ROI beyond all expectations.
If you have one or more websites, you can earn money with advertising! Heyos doesn't pay you a share on the price your advertisement is sold, but a fixed or traffic related price, independently from the agreements we have with advertisers.
If you have an advertising agency, through Heyos you will be able to show yours clients's spots on a thousands selected websites network. Please contact us to start collaborating.
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